Because there IS such a thing as too dumb to fuck.

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Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.
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Snarksexual: (1) Attracted to those displaying intelligence and sarcasm. (2) An individual possessing sex appeal that is enhanced by their sarcasm.

The original Snarksexual Manifesto

The Expanded Snarksexual Manifesto on Skyehawke

snark is love
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[info]snarksexual is love grudging tolerance
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You know you like it snarky.

Discuss your favorite snarky characters here. Post or link to fanfiction (clearly marked with fandom, any pairing, and a rating, and for the love of Cthulhu use a cut tag), post icons, recommend obscure books/movies/whatever with quality sarcasm. Tell us your real-life encounters with or uses of good snark.

Don't flame unless it's funny. I decide what's funny.

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