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Snarksexual [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

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snark is like chicken soup for the thinking person's soul [Dec. 19th, 2009|12:59 am]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.


a man walks down the street in that hat, he's not afraid of anything...

"Of course he was all for armageddon in general terms."

"Yes, Mr. Sherman, everything stinks."

"Who blacked your eye, Granger? I want to send them flowers."

"This sash was a gift to me by the queen of America."

"I will annihilate you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!"

"I want a second opinion. Wait, I'm a doctor, I can give one myself."

That is all for now.
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fic series you might find interesting... [Jun. 29th, 2008|11:30 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

I adore Mr ancient snarky-pants (aka Methos) and have recently discovered the wonder of Bob and Harry in Dresden Files.

Being a total crossover addict I thought I would throw them together and see what happened. The result? An ongoing collection of Highlander/Dresden Files stories, 'With Friends Like These...'. Featuring Butters, Bob and Harry so far from Dresden Files and as yet only Methos from Highlander, but there is another immie about to sneak into the picture.

Hope you don't mind me pimping it here, but I think some of you snark addicts might like the idea.

With Friends Like These
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New!!! [Jun. 25th, 2008|04:56 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

[Current Location |Writing Methos fics]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |I'm Just A Man-O.C. Supertones]

Hello, I'm new and absolutely giddy with joy over the discovery of this community. I am snarksexual in the worst way, I and my best friend have been for years. I was actually trying to find groups for Methos when I came across you lot. Yay! I'm hoping to post some fun stuff here soon, but let me give my list of snark men so far. It's not the complete list but I'll remember to update.

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
Dr. Gregory House (House, M.D.)
Phileas Fogg (Secret Adventures of Jules Verne)
Methos (Highlander)
The Doctor (9,10) (Doctor Who)
Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Spike (Buffy/Angel)
Wyatt Cain (Tin Man)
Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly/Serenity)
Han Solo (Star Wars)
Bob (Dresden Files)
Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
Sherlock Holmes(Sherlock Holmes)
Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)
Mr.Rodchester (Jane Eyre)
Casanova(BCC's version with David Tennant)

Okay, I'm a fandom whore and any time I spot a particularly snarky man, I'm hooked. As of now, Methos is my immediate infatuation, so anything you see from me will be on him.
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Fight Censorship, and Support Stark! [May. 27th, 2008|12:26 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

[mood |worriedworried]

jameth and I worked together at a previous employer, so my first knowledge of him was in a professional environment. jameth was the manager of one of the other teams, and was the friend and boss of the friend who had helped bring me into the firm. He not only had to work with our executives, he also had to frequently interact with management from our clients. jameth showed himself to be a good leader and an effective problem solver. He left the firm to pursue other alternatives in San Francisco. jameth is currently working for the City/County of San Francisco, Department of Elections, ensuring fair elections in the real world. Leaving Seattle marked the end of his service as the President of the advisory board for a non-profit. He was elected to that position for four years in a row. He has a political science degree from the University of Washington.

jameth also has, or is currently a volunteer with:
SFist.com (current)
San Francisco AIDS Foundation (current)
Project Inform (current)
San Francisco City/County Department of Emergency Management (current)
Baykeeper.org (past)
Seattle LGBT Community Center (past)
Snohomish County Office of Public Defense (past)

Also, it should be noted that jameth has been seen in a fur suit, and has many ties to fandom.

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OT: Vote [May. 27th, 2008|10:40 am]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

Hi guys, this an OT post on the subject of the LJ Advisory Board election-- thanks to atalantapendrag for letting me take a minute.

The LJ Advisory Board elections are the first of their kind, where LJ members have the chance to elect a member of LJ to sit for a year on the board. Particularly because this is the first election ever, it and its results are very important. 

Voting in the election CLOSES at 9:00 p.m. PDT Thursday, May 29, 2008.

I realise that this is not a fandom community and do not assume everyone in here is a member of or particularly supports fandom, so I'm not going to go on about the fandom angle on this election too much. However, censorship is an issue that I would hope effects few of us yet worries all of us. Simply as internet users censorship issues are bound to arise and we must continue to be aware of and vigilant against its unwarranted advance. 

It is because of the issue of censorship that I would like to encourage those that want to vote but do not have a particular alliance to vote against unfair censorship by supporting the fandom candidates. The three fandom candidates are legomymalfoyrmand vichan.

To find out more about the fandom candidates, what they stand for and why they should be elected, check out fandom_votes for in depth discussion.

The voting system used is one where every eligible user gets three votes to place in order of preference- you cannot vote for the same candidate three times, as this will render the second and third choice votes void. 

If someone receives 51% of the first preference votes they are automatically elected. If nobody does, the election goes to Instant Run Off where those candidates with least votes are eliminated [one by one I believe] and their votes are reassigned based on their second preference. If their second preference candidate is eliminated the votes are then reassigned to the third candidate. If this process does not result in a candidate with 51% of the votes, the candidate with the most first preference votes in the first round wins. 

For more details on the logistics of the election and voting process check out lj_election_en for the official rules etc.

Overall, I really want to encourage LJ members to vote-- democracy is driven by participation. There are millions of accounts on LJ, but relatively few people have voted, so please take a take a couple of minutes to do so. 

I do also really encourage you to vote for the three fandom candidates legomymalfoyrmand vichanto fight against unfair censorship.

Vote here:



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ooo, I thought of another one! [Jan. 4th, 2008|10:03 am]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

[mood |bouncybouncy]

As I was re-reading my previous post (because you know I'm such a narcissistic biddy, I have to re-read everything I've ever written every couple of weeks), I realized I'd forgotten to add someone to my list of snarky loves: Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. He's such a sneery, snarky anti-pop god, he makes my panties moist. As I was ruminating on the joys of Jarvis, I thought of another lesser known (at least in the US) pop god: Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy. I've been a Divine Comedy fan for several years, but since they're not as popular in the US as they are in the UK and Europe, their cds can only be found at expensive import prices over here and not all music stores stock their albums. Point being, Mr. Hannon had slipped my mind for a moment, but now he's back in full force.

Here he is on the National Express, a song ostensibly about public transportation (note the snarky lyrics). But Neil goes in a completely different direction with the video, as is his wont with the Divine Comedy. Nothing is ever quite what it seems, and his tongue is always firmly planted in cheek. Skinny, snarky little cheek that it is.

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Mrs. Severus Snape in the house [Jan. 1st, 2008|06:00 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

[mood |cynicalcynical]

I just bought the t-shirt ('Mrs. Severus Snape') and had to broadcast it. I can't wait to wear it to the next HP movie on opening night. Anyway, hi, I'm a new girl on the block, thirtiesgirl, live in Loss Angeles, and of course have a weakness for snarky men. I'd *definitely* agree on the snark appeal of Dr. Cox from Scrubs. That red headed crazy man gives me a boner every time. Dr. House, too, although less so visually than mentally. Spike from Buffy the Vamp Slayer is another one. Damn, that bleach-headed Billy Idol wannabe gets me every time. Hot, hot, HOT.

I'd add another name to the list, too: Sweeney Todd. Not Tim Burton's version, as played by Johnny Depp, an essentially humorless character with nothing but revenge in his heart. But the original Sweeney from the Broadway musical, as played by George Hearn. While Hearn's Sweeney was definitely a man with a deadened soul, motivated by revenge, his Sweeney still had an element of the snarkiest, blackest humor, in my estimation. When paired with Angela Lansbury as pie shop owner Mrs. Lovett, it was snarky magic. (Although one might not think of Lansbury as a prime purveyor of snark, her darker, more demented demeanor was on full display in Sweeney Todd.)

As evidenced by their infamous duet, "A Little Priest," in which Mrs. Lovett presents Sweeney with an untraceable disposal option for his victims... erm, excuse me, *clients*... it's a snarkfest to end all snarkfests.

Being the Broadway musical geek that I am, I have to post one more bit of Sweeney: the opening scene which sets the tone of the whole play. Get a load of Hearn's most snarky sneer as he delivers the last lines of the song. It sets my snarky little heart on fire.

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Snarky Pic Spam [Dec. 23rd, 2007|08:38 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.

Since it's Christmas and all.....

(Because Snark is Sexy)

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Hello [Dec. 22nd, 2007|02:18 pm]
Snarksexual, because sarcasm is hot.
[mood |amusedamused]

I just found this comm and decided I had to join. Here's my list of favorite Snarky Men:

The Doctor
Captain Jack

What is it about snarky men that makes them so sexy ?  (I suppose it helps that most of them are quite gorgeous to look at as well)  :)
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